Coaching Team

This page describes the Kapiti Judo Club coaching team.

The Kapiti Judo Club is very fortunate to have an extremely talented and experienced group of coaches (pictured below).


Norm Cook, 5th Dan (Godan) Black Belt


Norm has been involved in judo for 40 years. He has refereed in international competitions, and held positions as the Vice President of the New Zealand Judo Federation, Overseas Tour Manager (eight years), and Area Director of the Wellington Judo Association (nine years). He is a qualified Area Coach and been involved in several clubs in the Wellington area.

Matthew Whitton, 1st Kyu


Commencing as a shy young lad of 9 years old, Matthew has become a confident adult. He joined the club through his parents encouragement and has continued over the years becoming a dedicated coach and strong individual Judoka, gaining his 1st Kyu (brown belt) in 2015.  Putting a large amount of time into coaching two nights a week, Juniors and Seniors, plus other development sessions, he has been a great asset to the club.

Phillip Morgan – 2nd Kyu


Commencing with the club at 16 years old he enjoyed the confidence development he gained over several years participation. Taking a break then returning to the club as a parent with his young son to engage in a sport he could do with his son on the mat not sitting on the sideline. Currently a 2nd Kyu (blue belt) he is the coach of the Peewee class and assists with Junior classes. He now has two sons learning the sport and enjoys the fun he has with them.

Brent Jarnell – 2nd Kyu


Brent partnered Raeanne at the 2017 National Championships to win Gold in the Nage no Kata.

Brent gained his 1st Dan (Black belt) in November 2017.

Raeanne Cowell – 1st Kyu


Joining the club in 2006 as a young energetic girl, Raeanne has achieved a lot. From learning Judo at the club to National competition competing she has shown her abilities and well learnt skills. She is a good role model for the young female members who join each year. Raeanne assists coaching Junior and Senior classes.

Raeanne partnered Brent at the 2017 National Championships to win Gold in the Nage no Kata.  Raeanne gained her 1st Dan (Black belt) in November 2017.